Sylvania UCC is part of the United Church of Christ, a denomination formed in 1957 by linking churches with roots that go back to the Protestant Reformation. We are in covenant with over 6,000 churches throughout the United States. The source of our unity and hospitality is God’s unlimited love for us all. We also believe we are strengthened by our diversity. The following statement serves as a basis for our working together as disciples of Jesus Christ:  “In essentials unity, in non essentials diversity, in all things charity.”

God is Still Speaking,

“Never place a period where God has placed a comma.” -Gracie Allen

God is Still Speaking, is the current theme of the United Church of Christ. It is an invitation to continue to listen for God speaking in the power of the Holy Spirit through scripture, through one another, and through the world. It is a celebration that God is still active, working to bring each of us and the world more closely into God’s plans and desires for all of creation. This is Good News – for if God is Still Speaking, there is still hope, light and truth yet to come.

At Sylvania United Church of Christ, we seek to hear God still speaking to us through all of our ministries and moments together. When we work, worship, and learn together, we hear God Still Speaking.

Places To Go For More Information

Sylvania UCC is part of the Northwest Ohio Association, the Ohio Conference, and the national UCC denomination. Click the links below to learn more about the mission and ministry of the wider church.

Northwest Ohio Association

Heartland Conference

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