Social Justice Group Resource Page

Anti-Racism Action Team

Racism has been at the root of American Christianity and needs to be exposed and healed. This team exposes this history and challenges White Supremacy in our own church while supporting anti-racism efforts in the community.

Democracy/Voting Rights Action Team

Without a strong democracy, our advocacy around other justice issues is ineffective.  This teams seeks to support access to voting for all people. All activities are policy-based and non-partisan.

Green Team

Part of God’s charge to humanity is to be good stewards of our earthly home. Climate change and other environmental issues threaten our democracy, health, and justice. This team seeks to educate and work for societal change to encourage the flourishing of all creation.

Immigrant/Refugee Support

The Scriptures call us to welcome the stranger, and our church wishes to embody radical hospitality. Join this team to learn more about direct services and advocacy opportunities in NW OH.

Action Teams:

  • Anti-Racism

  • Democracy/Voting Rights

  • Green Team

  • Immigrant and Refugee Support

  • Rainbow (LGBTQ+ Support)

  • End to Gun Violence