CHILDREN (Ages birth through Grade 6)

Sylvania United Church of Christ’s Children’s Ministries seeks to offer the opportunity to all who walk through our doors:

to know the Scriptures,
to become articulate about faith,
and to see more clearly the relationship between God, the gospel, and our world.

Nursery care is on hiatus; all children are welcome to join the family of God in the sanctuary for the 10:00 worship service.

Child Protection Policy

Sylvania United Church of Christ has a written policy concerning the procedures for hired staff and members of the church wishing to volunteer to work with our children and youth in the various programs and educational opportunities offered during the year.

YOUTH (Ages Grades 7 through Grade 12)

The Youth Team of Sylvania UCC aims to provide guidance for the teens and the whole faith community in recognizing and utilizing the significant gifts the teens offer to the life of the entire church. We emphasize that youth members be integrated with and not separated from the mainstream of the church’s life and mission. In acknowledgement of teens’ unique place as beginners on a journey of faith and as people with unique interests, we also offer youth specific programming both for faith formation and fellowship.

CONFIRMATION (Grades 7 & 8 or high school age)

Confirmation is a two year program which seeks to nurture and strengthen a sense of the Spirit within the youth to give them a solid basis of knowledge upon which to build their faith. Classroom time offers a basic foundation in the Christian faith and membership in the body of Christ. In addition to classroom time, visits to other churches to witness the variety of worship styles available to Christians, service projects within our church and community, attendance in confirmation camp, and other experiential opportunities are offered. A mentor program is also a vital part of this program. The pastor and lay leadership work together to create a meaningful and vibrant experience for our Confirmands.

It is our desire to build a sense of community among our youth and to blend the confirmation experience into the larger offerings of education, worship, fellowship and service for our children and youth. Thus parents, mentors and staff at Sylvania UCC work to encourage youth participation in all aspects of church life.