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The sermon for week October 23, 2016

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Our Image of Jesus

Adapted from an Iona Community sermon.

SAM: It is of supreme importance --

Luke: that we get our image of Jesus --


SAM: There are too many blithering idiots -

LUKE: Well meaning people!

SAM: Religious nuts!

LUKE: Church leaders – denominational and institutional hierarchies!

SAM: Conservatives & Literalists!

LUKE: Bleeding Heart Liberals and Socialists

SAM: Political Elitists

LUKE: Wacko revolutionaries!

ALL: Who are leading people ASTRAY!!

SAM: So listen carefully – JESUS

ALL: As we ALL know

LUKE: Came from a model family --

SAM: What?! His mother was pregnant when she got married!

LUKE: And lived in a secure and loving home.

SAM: They were refugees – his parents had an arranged marriage!

LUKE: He had a wondrous childhood…

SAM: About which we know nothing!

LUKE: He was mild and obedient – a holy child!

SAM: He ran away when he was 12… was gone for 3 days – and didn’t feel much remorse!

LUKE: He spoke with love and compassion to all.

SAM: He was rude to his mother more than once – and said “You’re not my father” to his step-father.

LUKE: Jesus was the model working man.

SAM: Doing what? He was impoverished, never held a job that we know of. Ran around with the wrong crowd and kept company with sinners and criminals!

LUKE: He was a model capitalist and encouraged entrepreneurship in others.
SAM: He told Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew to give up their jobs and leave their families.

LUKE: He kept good company

SAM: I think we’ve been around this bend!

LUKE: He had a good word for everybody.

SAM: If you think “vipers, blind guides and “hypocrites” are compliments!

LUKE: His conversation was deep and centered on the finer things in life,

SAM: bread and dough, sheep, pig farming, prostitutes for dinner, tax collectors for lunch.

LUKE: He never dabbled with controversy.

SAM: He just claimed to be the Son of God – and urged people not to support their government or obey their parents or their religious leaders!

LUKE: Jesus never upset anyone!

SAM: with the simple exception of priests, Pharisees, pigeon sellers, the wealthy, the religious, the Roman government, and anyone who suggested that they might know how to live a pious life!

LUKE: He was respected in religious circles

SAM: Which must be why they plotted to have him arrested and killed!

LUKE: Jesus was a man among men

SAM: And women!

LUKE: He was a man of God.

SAM: He was a man who called himself the Son of Humanity!

LUKE: In his majesty we see God at work

SAM: In his humility we see God in person!

LUKE: That’s why he was worshipped and adored!

SAM: That’s why he was tortured and crucified!

LUKE: Jesus isn’t here now

SAM: He rose on the third day.

LUKE: So we have to wait until he comes again.

SAM: But he sent his example to guide us.

LUKE: He will bring the Kingdom of God with him.

SAM: We have to celebrate his love and acceptance!

LUKE: We have to save souls and tell people where they are sinning!

SAM: We need to look at our own lives and find the path to good and grace.

LUKE: We need to be religious leaders!

SAM: We need to be faithful followers!

LUKE: We need to stand up and be counted!

SAM: Humbly!

LUKE: Onward – Christian soldiers!

SAM: Onward – Peaceful servants!

LUKE: We are a mighty army!

SAM: We are the Body of Christ!

LUKE: It is of supreme importance --

SAM: That we get our image of Jesus –


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