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We recognize that we grow in our relationship with God in every experience of our lives. But we also are intentional about learning more about this relationship through classes, small groups, book studies, retreats and study. We learn from the saints of the past and the saints of the present. We learn through listening and speaking. We learn more about God and we learn more about the mystery of God.

The goal of our learning, however, is never just for knowledge. While we seek to provide information and explanation of our faith, the Bible and our world, we seek to only offer opportunities that also connect that information to our lives, showing us how to live more faithfully as disciples. And in all our learning opportunities, offering a community of brothers and sisters who explore and wrestle together is central.

On Sunday mornings (from September through May) at 9:30 a.m., we offer learning experiences that are open to all. Join in at any time!

Beyond Sunday mornings, a wide-variety of classes and small groups are offered Sunday evenings and throughout the week, including a mid-week Bible study and a lectionary study group. Some begin at specific times and run for a set number of weeks while others are continually offered. Current learning opportunities are described in the newsletter.

The Chidester Lecture Series offers a continuing series of speakers that explore what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century. The speaker schedule and audio can be found here.

The Scientists in Congregations Speaker Series in 2012 featured lectures on faith and science. Videos and audio are available here.