Sylvania United Church of Christ
Claimed by God, Responding as Disciples
Gifts - Wealth


Twentieth-century theologian Emil Burnner said, "The church exists for mission as a fire exists for burning." Mission is not just outreach, promoting justice and alleviating poverty. It is all that is done in partnership with God to display the reality of God's realm in our midst. It is the way we worship, the way we care for everyone, it is the way we live as disciples.

Our gifts of tithes and offerings help to make the mission of this part of the body of Christ possible. Without financial gifts out of the abundance we have been blessed with, very little of what this worshipping community offers would be possible.

But we also give of our wealth because it is good for us - we are created by God to give and are renewed in our sacrifice. Our relationship with God motivates us to give, but our giving in turn strengthens our relationship with God and with one another.

Our congregation works from a balanced budget - we budget from what is pledged and what can reasonably expected in income beyond pledging. We encourage everyone to give proportionately - to give a percentage of the wealth you receive - and to work to at least a tithe (10%). Pledge forms are available from the church office (

The Cabinet seeks to use the gifts of the congregation for God's mission in the world in a responsible and faithful way. Current financial reports are always available.

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