Sylvania United Church of Christ
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Gifts - Creation


Sylvania UCC has a commitment to caring for creation. We limit our use of plastic and Styrofoam by serving coffee from ceramic mugs. Our building has passive solar designs using a hillside to maintain a constant temperature in certain parts of the building. We also limit the use of fertilizers and weed killers.

Solar Energy
Our most challenging project has been the addition in the summer of 2005 of solar cells capable of generating 6.4 Kw of electricity on the sanctuary roof. This project was started with help from Dr. Al Compaan, church member and chair of the Physics department at the University of Toledo. A successful grant application through the State of Ohio paid for one-half of the cost of the project.

The payback will be about 20 years at current electric rates, so we clearly didn't do this for the money! If you go to the link below, you will see, among other things, that we will reduce the use of fossil fuels and pollution by products that would have been released into the atmosphere.

Click to download a PDF with more information on our solar powered roof and going green.